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Freelance Modeling- Pro's and Cons

I've been doing modeling for around 2 years now professionally without an agency. After a few years now I would like to finally be represented so I'm able to work with bigger brands. It's been an amazing time but I've thought about some pro's and con's of Freelance Modeling


- You're able to connect and manage your own work and choose who you work with. (Always do your research with who you're working with!)

- Doing freelancing you're able to set your own model rate.

- No commission taken from agencies

- Network and meet new creatives with a similar ambition and creating magic!



- As you are managing yourself, it also means that you have to look after everything you do! Not saying this is exactly a con, but you need to make sure you are not working with dodgy people and always do your research.

- Making sure you are paid on time, otherwise you will have to chase after your clients who haven't paid you.

- Networking is essential! If you're not able to connect and talk to people within your industry, you will not be able to gain any work.


Heres a good guideline from

When I first started doing paid shoots depending on how big the business was, I was charging around $50ph, as I was new and didn't think I had the full experience. Now after a few years I've put up my price, not only because I have the experience but I also have the confidence!

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