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Tips on Model Posing

When I first started modeling, I was quite clueless on how to pose. My mum used to be a former fashion model so I would always ask her on some 'How-to' tips. The best thing she suggested to me was to look at magazines and look at how all the models pose and try to copy it.

So I got myself a collection from Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Harpers Bazaar and would try copy them in the mirror. It did get a bit tricky because it might be a pose where their head was facing the other way or didn't know where to start!


- Create mood boards online from Pinterest and practice in front of a mirror.

- Do what I did and take some pictures out after you've read a magazine and practice in the mirror.

- If you have a camera and a tripod or somewhere to balance your camera on, put it on self timer and try take some photos and think of ideas on what you could do next to top off your pose better and to create different poses.

- Each time you're on a photoshoot, try constantly changing up your pose even if it's a slight change so theres more variety, photographers always love it!

- The more you practice the more you understand and feel more comfortable with your body on posing. You will end up knowing what does and doesn't work.

- When practicing, changing up a few outfits and work with the clothing. For example; evening wear to sportswear. In the future, there could be a job booked for you, working for; designers, makeup artists or

hair stylists. They have chosen you to make their product look good!

- Most of all, have fun! If you're not enjoying it, then the photos will show it. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward make yourself feel comfortable and enjoy making magic.

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