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Learning about TFP

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

TFP - Time for prints

TFP stands for time for prints. Basically, the compensation for TFP is to trade your time for photos as compensation for everyone that is involved in a photoshoot (eg. photographer, model, makeup artist, stylist). This is for everyone to build and to add to their portfolio. Plus to receive an amount of edited photos once completed. It's great for networking and test shoots to start a portfolio.

You should always do your research with who you're working with! I recommend to join some model groups on Facebook near your area, and to talk to people who have previously worked with the Photographer or 'creatives' before working with them. If you haven't worked with the creative before, sometimes it doesn't hurt to bring a friend along to make sure you're safe!

Do not get caught up in brands and designers, who drag models in for working for free on a TFP basis! Even if the casting says that it will give 'Exposure'. Technically it's not only self exploiting, its also making others think its okay for models to work for free. There are a lot of models out there who do professional modeling for full time jobs. Modeling might be a side thing for many people who are just starting. When someone gives themselves up for free for advertising, they will always expect that person to work for free.

All models work hard regardless, and sometimes it's not okay to work for them to work for free!

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