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How to become a Promotional Model in Australia

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

I've done promotional work for over 4/5 years to earn extra money in between my photoshoots. It's an easy and rewarding way to make money while improving your confidence and practicing social skills.

Applying for a promotional agency

Applying for a promotional agency is quite easy. You'll need to most likely send an email in with some photos of yourself (headshot & full length), your age, where you're from, height and sizes and experience if you have any. The agency should contact you back and get you started! You will need a ABN (Australian Business Number) for agencies to pay you. Sometimes agencies can pay through TFN.

You can be with as many promotional agencies as you like! As long as you don't double book yourself. Give them respect and give them as much notice as possible.

Recommended Agencies in Australia -

Sass Management-

Misteag Model Management -

Kreate -

Polite Promotions -

Deveaux -

Sampling (PAY RATE - min. from AUD $25ph)

Handing out sample products for a brand and getting people to try the product. If someone tries the product in front of you, it's always good to get feedback on what they think, to pass back onto the client. If you are sampling alcohol, you will need a RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol). Every state in Australia is different so make sure it's always up to date and for the correct state if you're traveling.

Hosting (PAY RATE - from min. AUD $35ph)

Depending on what you would be doing, the basic job of hosting is; welcoming guests, marking their names off a list, walking around and talking to guests and making sure they are having a good time and asking if they need any drinks, food etc. You will need an RSA if you are serving alcohol.

Flyering (PAY RATE - min. from AUD $25ph)

Handing out flyers which has a current promotion or either explaining about a brand, to people that pass by. Its good to be really happy and smiling as more people will be interested in what you are handing out.

Bikini (PAY RATE - min. from AUD $50ph)

I have never done bikini waitressing before, but I do know the rules for this!

Taking orders for customers at the venue and serving drinks. Usually on top of your pay, you'll also get tipped for looking hot and doing a great job! It's great to be social as more people will remember you.

Brand Ambassador (PAY RATE - from AUD $30ph)

Representing a brand and being able to talk briefly about them and what they do. Always smiling and being happy and social. Sometimes, you might have to hand out products and freebies. Which pretty much everyone loves!

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