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How to get into Modelling in Australia 2024

Getting into modelling can be straight forward for some, but not for others. Today I'm going to go through a few things that I have learned over the 10 years of modelling.

I recommend starting from the basics. See if you can get yourself into a modelling agency. You do NOT need professional photos.

Agencies want to see unique diverse faces. Agents would like to see you in your most raw, little makeup to no makeup at all, and some digitals taken.

Take a photo up against a plain wall, preferably white and good natural lighting. They will most likely ask for headshot, profile and full length. Also don't forget to take your measurements and get a friend to help you. If they are interested they'll bring you in for a face to face meeting. Don't forget to shine your personality and who you are as a person.



I'll add some recommended agencies to apply for depending on which state you are in.

Handle rejection with grace.

Lets just say you don't get accepted into an agency. It's ok! Don't forget you can try again in 3-6 months time. Remember that it's usually not to do with you. It can be to do with what they are specifically looking for, and they might also have someone with a similar look to you in their books.

Don't get conned into courses being sold to you to 'become a model'. If you are with a legitimate agency, they will teach you the ropes. No agency should be charging a fee to be in their books or selling you courses. They make their money from looking for jobs for YOU, and making commission from your work that you have done, and that they've sourced. Becoming a model is not rocket science. The key to being a professional model is punctuality, being on time, reliability and leaning into your own confidence with the more jobs you take on board.

On the note of not getting accepted into an agency, you can still have the option to work freelance. There is a blog post that I wrote a couple years ago on this topic. - Always do your research on people that you are working with, and it doesn't hurt to bring someone along with you to make you feel a little bit more comfortable.

Heres some links in relation to Freelance modelling and TFP.

Commercial/Influencers vs Fashion Modelling

What are you looking to do? Do you have a unique look? Are you looking to walk on the catwalk for fashion week and be apart of fashion collections and seasonal events? Or are you wanting to be apart of fun commercials and endorse brands with your own voice?

The difference between commercial and fashion modeling is quite different. Commercial can also fit almost into the 'influencer' bracket of today's society if you have built an audience. In commercial modeling, you are the face of the brand, and have more of a voice of endorsement.

Compared to fashion modeling, the designers want the focus to be on their designs, and less on you standing out, as that can be a distraction to the garments or designs they are showcasing. Obviously not anyone can do this, and designers will still want you to be unique and beautiful. The idea is that you are their human mannequin.

There are plenty directions you can take in commercial modelling. In today's digital world you can work on UGC. Which sometimes doesn't even require to post on your own profile. You are simply endorsing products and showing the positive things about them. You can get paid from home creating content for companies and brands!

You can also jump on board for a commercial modeling agency which will put you forward for TV Commercials, Advertisements and even Extras work on the odd occasion!

Here are some top modeling agencies I would recommend in Australia.

Always do your research on what agencies you are applying for!

Viviens Models (Fashion/Editorial) - Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/Perth

Chic Management (Fashion/Editorial) - Brisbane/Sydney

Scoop Management (Chic's Commercial Division)

IMG Models - Sydney

Chadwick Models - Sydney/Melbourne/Perth

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